El Gordo Navidad

The National lottery operator of Spain, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, has a long tradition of holding several special draws each year. The most famous of these lottery draws, because of its huge payouts and tradition, is the El Gordo Navidad lottery, also known as the Loteria de Navidad in Spain. The El Gordo Navidad draw is held every year on the 22 December at the Palacio de Congresos of Madrid, in Madrid, Spain. Commencing at 8:30 in the morning, this elaborate draw can last up to four hours to complete.

Due to the sheer number of players, the prizes in these special draws are larger than in the normal lottery, with tickets in high demand. In fact, when measured by total prize payout, the el Gordo Navidad is considered the largest lottery in the world, and with the 2011 draw the prize values have been increased even more.

El Gordo Results

The lastest El Gordo results are highly anticipated by the thousands of Christmas Lottery ticket holders, hoping for the huge top prize, or even any of the many generous lesser prizes. Below are the latest results from the most recent el Gordo draw. Always kept up to date, the results are posted moments following each annual el Gordo draw, as they become available.

Latest Results for El Gordo 2014


Watch our Video for the El Gordo Christmas Draw 2014

Video de la Loteria Navidad 2014 If you've ever played the Christmas Lottery, you'll know how long the draw ceremony takes to complete, all those numbers to be drawn and children singing them off key over and over, argh! If you want something quicker and funnier then watch our video for the El Gordo Christmas draw with fairy children announcing the numbers; it's in Spanish but still, we think you'll like it!

Just click the "View" button below to watch the latest draw or enter any year as far back as 1812 to watch the draw for that year.

El Gordo 2014 Prize Breakdown

Prize Level Total Prizes Conditions Prize Value
El Gordo Primer Premio 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 1st Prize €400,100
Segundo Premio 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 2nd Prize €125,000
Tercer Premio 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 3rd Prize €50,220
Cuarto Premio 2 Match all 5 numbers of the 4th Prize €20,000
Quinto Premio 8 Match all 5 numbers of the 5th Prize €6,000

Christmas Lottery Results 2008 - 2013:


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El Gordo Navidad Tickets

Tickets for el Gordo Navidad are different from what many lottery players are familiar with. A full ticket is named a Billete and carries a five digit combination of numbers. A full Billete has a high cost, so it is more common to buy a fraction of a full ticket, called a "Decimo", which carries a tenth of the value of a full ticket, and subsequently has a lower cost. Tickets for the Gordo Navidad are produced in series, the quantity of which can vary from year to year, but to date the greatest number of series has been 195, and for 2011 there are 180 series comprised of 100,000 Billetes (full tickets) each .

Spanish Christmas Lottery Draw

The Gordo Navidad, known as the most traditional Spanish lottery draw, has been played in essentially the same fashion since it started in 1812. It is the massive jackpot that gives the game the name 'El Gordo'. Operated by 'Loterías y Apuestas del Estado', el Gordo Navidad boasts the largest prize pot in the world, as measured by total payout, which has been as large as three billion euros.

The Gordo draw is steeped in tradition. The draw is open to the public, with limited seating, and is always held on the same day: on the 22nd of December. Starting with the 2011 Christmas Lottery, the draw is held at:

Palacio de Congresos de Madrid

Paseo de la Castellana 99
28046 Madrid

Previous to this new location, the draw has been held at the special draw room of the headquarters of the Spanish National Lottery on Calle Guzmán El Bueno, Madrid, since 1963.

There is extensive preparation required for the lottery draw setting. The room of the el Gordo draw is always subjected to a grueling review the day before the draw to insure all goes well on draw-day. The stage is prepared, the ball machines, called 'Bombos', are tested, and the entire area is checked for any security concerns. Once the reviews are completed the doors are securely locked and the room is guarded overnight.

The Christmas Draw Process:

  • The Lottery Hall opens at 8:00 for the draw spectators
  • At 8:30 the presiding authorities come together to authorise the draw
  • The lottery balls are exhibited to the public before being officially inserted into the two ball machines (bombos).
  • At the draw president's sign, the ball machines are closed and given a revolution
  • At 9:15 the Gordo Navidad draw begins.
  • As is the tradition, the results are drawn out of the machines by school children from the Colegio de San Ildefonso school.
  • One child operates the Number ball machine to extract a ball, while a second child simultaneously does the same with the Prize ball machine.
  • Both numbers are then sung out by two other children as they show them to the authorities and the public.
  • The process continues for each prize level, until the Prize ball machine is empty, concluding the Gordo Navidad draw. This usually takes between three and four hours.

Background to El Gordo

The special, or "Extraordinary" draws organised by the Spanish Loteria Nacional usually commemorate particular occasions, such as Christmas Eve or Saint Valentine’s Day, and are very popular in Spain because of the generous prizes they offer. In addition to the wildly popular El Gordo Navidad discussed above, a second popular game is the El Nino draw (Baby Jesus), which is held each 6 of January, in commemoration of the Festival of the Three Kings, following Christmas.

El Nino Draw

The lottery draw known as El Nino takes place on January 6 each year in remembrance of the Three Kings. The general structure of this game is similar to the Spanish national lottery. In the same way as the Christmas Gordo lottery, tickets are sold in 'Decimos' and you may purchase as many decimos as you wish. The numbers used for this range from 00000 up to 99999. You win if your decimo matches the numbers drawn.