Spanish Bonoloto

Spanish Bonoloto is a member of the 'Primitiva' family of lottery games of Spain. Bonoloto offers daily play for lottery fans, at an affordable cost. Bonoloto players choose six numbers from a choice of 49; and can pick their lottery numbers manually, or by using the automatic quick pick option which chooses a random selection of numbers electronically, at all authorized lottery retailers. Players can also buy Bonoloto tickets online.

Daily Bonoloto Draws

Bonoloto draws are held every day Monday through Friday, with the exception of Thursday, from the official lottery draw studios of the Spanish national lottery operator, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, which is located at Calle Capitán Haya 5328020 MadridSpain. Up to date Bonoloto lottery results are available here.

Bonoloto Gameplay

There are two methods of playing Bonoloto: Single and Multiple:

Single Tickets: In each Bonoloto ticket, a player can play from a minimum of one line of numbers, to a maximum of eight lines of numbers, on the same ticket. Players mark their desired numbers on the lottery slip - six main numbers per line, one line of numbers per block, up to the maximum of eight blocks of six numbers each.

Multiple Tickets: Players can choose to play higher multiples of numbers by ticking the appropriate box on top box of the Bonoloto lottery ticket play slip. It is important to understand that the costs of playing multiple times increases according to the amount of plays, although it does increase the odds.

In multiple play, there are several play options available which are indicated in the first block of the play slip:

44 Play Option:, If the player marks the box for 44 plays, then they only select five of the six main numbers. The 44 remaining numbers are played one by one together with the player's chosen number selection, to complete the 44 plays. This way of playing substantially increases the odds of a win.

7 Play Option: With this choice the player chooses seven numbers in the first block.

28 Play Option: This option requires the player to select eight numbers in the first block to complete the plays.

84 Play Option: The 84 play option has the player select nine numbers for the first block

210 Play Option: 210 play requires the player to choose ten numbers in the first block

462 Play Option: the maximum, the 462 play option, needs players to select 11 numbers in the first block.

Bonoloto Prize Levels

55% of money raised by ticket sales is dedicated to the Bonoloto prize pool.

Prize Level Matches
1st 6 main numbers
2nd 5 main numbers and the supplementary number
3rd 5 main numbers
4th 4 main numbers
5th 3 main numbers
Reintegro Matches the number on your ticket*

*Reintegro Prize Level: This is a 'refund' prize. Weekly play:The amount refunded or credited to the player's account is determined by the Reintegro number of the Friday draw. Daily play: The amount refunded or credited to the player's account is determined by the Reintegro number from the draw the player is participating in.

Bonoloto Complementary Number

Bonoloto draws also feature a complementary number, which is not one selected by players. It is used to create the second prize level, for players who match five of the six main numbers as well as the complementary number. The complementary number is drawn in the main Bonoloto draw and has to match one of the numbers of the player's combination of chosen main numbers. The complementary number is only used for the second prize level.

Collecting Bonoloto Prizes

If prize winnings are below 600€, winners may collect their prize at any official lottery point of sale. If prize winnings are greater than 600€, winners must claim their prize at any of the Spanish lottery operator's commercial locations, which have branches throughout the country. In addition to instant notifications, online players have the added convenience of their winnings being directly deposited into their accounts.