Spanish National Lottery

The Spanish National Lottery game is a five number lottery game with two number draws - the first for the grand prize winning number, followed by the draw for the second prize number. Draws are held two times per week, each Saturday and Thursday. Some of the Spanish lotteries have an unfamiliar method of play, so before you start playing there are some concepts that are useful to understand:

  • National Lottery draws consist of 100.000 numbers, from 00.000 up to 99.999.
  • Each number from 00.000 to 99.999 comprises a separate ticket. Each ticket is known as a Billete, and has a series number called the serie.
  • Billetes are at the same time divided into ten décimos. A decimo is the tenth part of a billets, and is the most common way to purchase Loteria Nacional tickets. A whole ticket (billete) or serie comprises ten decimos.
  • Tickets or series are sold by decimos.

To start playing you must first buy as many decimos as you want from any authorised lottery agency in the network of Lotería Nacional. To buy a whole lottery ticket (called a Billete) you would have to buy ten decimos of the same series. The quantity of series available depends on the draw - whether it is for the Saturday draw or the Thursday draw.

Saturday Draw: This takes place every Saturday and has the largest prize pool.

Thursday Draw: This takes place every Thursday and has a smaller prize pool than the Saturday draw, as well as lower playing costs.

When the time for the draw arrives, five numbers are drawn from five different lottery drums, called Bombos. This process takes place twice in order to determine the first and the second prizes. Those players who are in possession of the decimos that match with the numbers drawn from the lottery drums are deemed to be the winners.

During the draw, two additional numbers are extracted from the lottery drums. If these numbers match the ones on your decimo (appearing as fraccion and serie especial), you will win a secondary prize.

The Loteria Nacional also holds special draws, called "sorteos extraordiarios", at certain times of the year, such as the famous Chrismas Lottery (Gordo Navidad), el Niño draw, as well as a number of differerent super draws over the course of the year.