Spanish Quiniela

Spanish Quiniela is a game based on the Spanish Football National League in which Quiniela players predict the outcome of football matches as either a win, lose, or draw. Each ticket shows a series of forecast columns. Along with the columns are 14 rows of football matches along with a final additional row of 1 additional game, called the "Full Fifteen", to give a total of 15 matches, 10 from first the division and 5 from the second division.

There are three different ways of marking your predictions on the tickets: enter 1 to predict a victory for the home team, an X to predict a draw, or 2 to predict a victory for the away team.

You may play Quiniela every time a Spanish football match is played. If no Spanish football matches are played then you can play Quiniela on international matches.

Ways to play Quiniela

Simple Draws: This method allows you to make just one prediction for each match. You may play as many simple draws as there are sections on the ticket. You may play a maximum of 8 draws and a minimum of 2. To do so, you have to choose 1 option for each match on sections 1 and 2. If you wish to increase the number of draws you play you just have to mark as many draws as you want to make.

Multiple Draws: This allows you to mark more than one draw on the first section on the ticket. You can play multiple draws by combining doubles or triples. The minimum numbers of valid draws is two.

Quiniela multiple draws...

Direct multiple method: Using this method you may formulate any of the combinations of doubles and triples included on the Table de apuestas múltiples de quiniela, a table which contains all the possible combination that you can play through the multiple method. On this table you will find every possible combination of doubles and triples that exist to play Quiniela. Once you have marked your forecasts you must mark on the combination section the zone which contains the number of doubles or triples that you have predicted.

Reduced multiple method: Using  this method you may only formulate any of the combinations shown on the Tabla de apuestas múltiples reducidas, a table which contains all the possible combinations you can play through the multiple method.

Multiple conditional method: Here you indicate the conditions (the variants, X's and 2's), as well as the football matches to which the conditions apply.

Quiniela Prizes:

55% of money raised from ticket sales is paid to players in the form of prizes. If there are no winners then the prize fund rolls over to the next game. Quinela has six prize categories, as follows:

  • Special Top Category: For matching 14 results correctly, as well as the Full Fifteen.
  • 1st Category: For matching 14 results correctly.
  • 2nd Category: For matching 13 results correctly.
  • 3rd Category: For matching 12 results correctly.
  • 4th Category: For matching 11 results correctly.
  • 5th Category: For matching 10 results correctly