Spanish Quinigol

Spanish Quinigol is a game based on selecting the results of matches in the Spanish football league. The name is derived from the fact that players are required to predict the number of goals that will be scored by the teams involved. Each ticket presents 6 matches, which of course involve a total of 12 football teams. There are 4 sections for each team. You have to mark (with an X) the section that corresponds to the number of goals you believe each team is going to score. For example, if you mark the “1” section with an X then you are indicating that the team will score just 1 goal.

You must ensure that you have marked a selection for every team on the ticket. Winning players are those who correctly predict the number of goals scored by both teams in a given match. Validating your entry is mandatory, so you will need to take your ticket to an authorised retailer where details of your entry can be transmitted to a central system. When you have done this, you will be given a validated ticket. Keep it safe as you will need it in order to claim any prize.

Quinigol draws

Simple Draws: This entry requires you to choose 1 result for each match. You can make from 1 to 6 bets per ticket. Once you have made your bets, you must take your ticket to an authorised lottery retailer to get it validated. You must then keep the validated ticket until the match results are published. If they coincide with the prediction(s) you made, you will win a prize.

Multiple Draws: This entry allows you to make 2 or more picks by using only the first section from the ticket. This means that you may mark more than 1 option for 1 or more teams, which gives four possible combinations, as follows:

  • Fixed (Fijo): 1 result from the 4 possible.
  • Double (Doble): 2 results from 4 possible.
  • Triple (Triple): 3 results from the 4 possible.
  • Quadruple (Cuadruple): all 4 possible results.

On the tickets you will find a section called Combinations (combinaciones). This is where you mark the number of doubles, triples, and quadruples you are betting on. Once you have marked your ticket correctly, you must submit it to an authorised lottery retailer to validate it. Keep your ticket safe as you will need it to claim any prize you win.

Quinigol Prizes:

Quinigol has 5 prize categories, as follows:

  • 1st Level: Correct results of all 6 matches.
  • 2nd Level: Correct results of 5 matches.
  • 3rd Level: Correct results of 4 matches.
  • 4th Level: Correct the results of 3 matches.
  • 5th Level: Correct results of 2 matches.

If the amount of money you win does not exceed the sum of €600, you may collect it from any authorised lottery retailer. If you win a prize that exceeds €600 euros, you can only collect it from one of the commercial offices of Loterias y Apuestas del Estado.